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Shelter Pro version features update

Click here for a detailed list of the various items on a quarter-by-quarter basis.


Version 9.17 (current version)

Initial release 05/25/2014

New release Frequently asked questions: FAQs for new release

Newest features include:

Document/Image storage;

eSignature support for selected ePad devices. See "Technical Info" for the current list of compatible devices;

Multiple notes fields per event record, with separate date, note type, note source, and user tracking;

Added functionality to print event detail information on various accounting forms;

Export function added to report generators;

Added "Reverse" and "Reverse and Correct" functions to charge records;

Added "Dismiss" function to Citation records;

Specifying/filtering 'Out of Jurisdiction' addresses;

Person records now support marking a person as deceased;

More to come...


Version 9.16

Initial release 10/08/2012

New release Frequently asked questions: FAQs for new release

Newest features include:

Automation Mode introduced;

Built-in database backup functionality released (both manual and automated);

Built-in database restore functionality released;

Built-in PDF generation for reports and forms;

Automatic photo file size compression (highly recommended!);

Simplified data connection folder settings;

Auto checking of version/build across workstation installs;

Photo viewer now shows file/image size;

Medical reporting now supports sorting/grouping by Case Reason and Case Precinct;

New citation reports to support correction and escalation reporting;

Added 'compress' button as a customize option for mass photo compression;

Enhanced ID file cabinet list view to improve readability;

Incidents Complete Register modified to include notes information;

Case File Cabinet now supports searches by fur colors;

Kennel Cards - now prints "Not Specified" for any behavioral assessments items that are not specified for the animal;

Case records - added switch to require a pet name for an open case;

Case reports - now supports sorting/grouping by 'Condition' field;

Automatically print multiple copies of forms;

Plus various items, fixes, etc;

More to come...


Version 9.15

Initial release 04/22/2011

Features include:

Microchip data interface service released;

Citation "batch mode" creation for expired/missing licenses, vaccinations, microchips, registrations;

Citation "correction required/corrected tracking";

Citation "escalation" tracking;

Citation "notice print date" tracking;

New citation reports to support correction and escalation reporting;

Animal behavioral assessments have been significantly enhanced and can be easily customized;

New "Pet Match-Adoption Counseling/Pet Screening" tool;

Breed lists are now definable by each species;

New "Kennel Section/Location" and Kennel lists-define your own locations/sections along with specific kennels within the grouping;

Medical item scheduling;

Plus various items, fixes, etc;


Version 9.14

Initial release 02/10/2009


For those transitioning from 8.11 or 9.12 - this upgrade will be a minimal change as the screens and functionality look very similar. For those transitioning from 8.10 or earlier - this upgrade will be a significant change. The screens and functionality are distinctly different. But you will be able to successfully transition as has been done by many other Shelter Pro customers.


Features include:

SQL Server backend database support (extra pricing applies);

Link multiple animals per Incident;

Link multiple animals per Citation ;

Link multiple bite victims per Incident;

Link multiple bite victims per Case; 

Address fields are now split into street number, direction, street name fields;

Bar-coding on forms;

Shelter "Kiosk" - this is a touch screen enabled portal which allows the public to search and view in-shelter animals (extra pricing applies);

Person/Animal merge functions;

User timeouts (aka automatic logoffs);

Modify font size on forms;

Print form text using "Proper" formatting;

Enhanced Kennel Card format;

Enhanced User Access restrictions and active user monitoring;

Plus various sundry items


Version 9.12

Initial release 04/07/2008

Click here for a detailed list of the various items on a quarter-by-quarter basis.


For those transitioning from 8.11 to 9.12 - this upgrade will be a minimal change as the screens and functionality look very similar.

For those transitioning from pre 8.11 to 9.12 - this upgrade will be a significant change. The screens and functionality are distinctly different. But you will be able to successfully transition as has been done by many other Shelter Pro customers.


Features include:

Microsoft Visual FoxPro 9.0.

Automatic uploads - you will now be able to transmit Adoptable and Stray pets to PetFinder, Adopt-A-Pet, and Pets911. This includes full (hands-off, scheduled) automation. 

A redesign of all forms - they look much nicer and more consistent than ever. Plus there are some options which you can control through Customize.
A redesign of all reports/registers - like forms, they look much nicer and more consistent than ever. Note that these are all now Landscape, and not Portrait!

New Reports/Registers layouts - all reports and registers are now landscape. Data included has been expanded. Format is new and improved. 

New case reports which include Animal Photos (Shelter users will really like these).

Multiple photo support for animals

Attach photos to Animal Control Incidents and Lost Animal Reports

Improved picture display on screen - if your animal photos look distorted, this upgrade will help.

The reports/register grouping/sorting functionality has been reworked - this will give you more flexibility in paging/sorting options, and should be more intuitive.

User Administration support - there are now features to support logins using User IDs and Passwords. Functional restrictions such as restricting certain users from Customize and other functions. User tracking which logs the user who added a new record and the last user to save a record.

Main menu redesign - Animal IDs, Traps, and Donations now have their own main menu selections rather than being consolidated under Shelter and Animal Control.

License/Vaccination combo form added.

Plus other small improvements.

Version 8.11

Initial release 10/15/2007

Features include:

New module for Accounting - now track Payments (cash, checks, charge, debit, etc) and track daily deposits to the bank. You will now know how much any person owes or is owed. Print payment receipts, invoices, account statements. Also, automatically post 'chargebacks', allowing you to apply charges to a county or other entity who is responsible for funding operations. Call for pricing on the new module.

Full interface revamp - "Tabbed format" greatly extended, control screen fonts, improved color presentation, many screens have been re-organized to make the system more user friendly. Here are links to the samples:

           Screen shots

Extensive enhancements to the logic of applying charges. There are now highly customizable 'Charge Schedules' available under the customizations. Charges can be varied by various data elements (for example, varying Case Intake charges by an animal's size, or if it is considered Dangerous). Vary charges by "Charge Points" (like a Case Intake or Case Disposition). Apply charges for state, city, and/or local taxes.

Extensive enhancements to Animal Identification features and automation. History is now kept for Licenses, Vaccinations, Microchips, and Registrations. Also track the date when a renewal notice is first printed, and the last renewal notice print date.

Enhanced rules automation for assigning animal IDs (think Licenses, Vacc IDs, etc). Create parsed strings for IDs. As an example, Shelter Pro can now automatically assign a License ID in a format like '07-12345' or 'D-2007-12345'. There are many ways which these id formats can be defined. 

Added Case follow-ups for proof of Licensing and Vaccinations. Spay/Neuter follow-ups are still there as well.

Enhanced data entry of Person addresses. Mailing address syncing will be more user friendly. More clear marking of an 'invalid' address.

One-click "Case Duplicate" button added for impounding of litters and other uses.

Half-page Kennel card form added.

Prescription form added.

Vaccination Certificate added.

Enhancements to various reports and registers.

Enhancements added to Animal and Person 'Deep Search' function.

Added option for event deletes. Either require type 'YES', or just click an OK/verify button.

Added option to flash 'record saved' message, or continue to require clicking OK/verify button.

Extended/enhanced ability to print "Batch forms" from the File Cabinet views. Print batches all forms based on records selected within any file cabinet. 

Labels can now be printed using File Cabinet selected records as the selection. Keep labels in sync with printed forms, making mailings easier.

Look up an animal by animal number. Animal number is also printed on forms.

Look up a person by person number

Plus many minor cosmetic changes and enhancements applied throughout the system.

Version 8.10

Initial release 06/24/2006

Features include:

Added features to produce PetFinder extracts files for upload purposes. 
Added House Trained, Special Needs, Bad with Kids, Bad with Cats, Bad with Dogs to Animal description. These are in support of PetFinder uploads.
Kennel card enhancements - Added House Trained, Special Needs, Bad with Kids, Bad with Cats, Bad with Dogs to Animal description. Also, made cosmetic changes to format to improve appearance. 
Selected medical items will highlight as bold on the Medical Visit view, makes them more visible.
Person View - Added logic to skip Person address edits if missing/invalid indicator is on.

Added Manufacturer to Case/Medicate screen, Rabies Certificate, and Medical Register-detailed

Bug fix - 'Related' button on Incident View was issuing error, this has been corrected.

Added feature to check and correct links between an Incident and Case. If a link between an incident and a case exists, and the case has been deleted, when the incident is viewed, the case link will be removed. This also applies vice versa. If a link between a case and an incident exists, and the incident has been deleted, when the case is viewed the incident link will be removed. 
Added feature to Person search, address line search will also search the physical address field.
Added feature to sort License reports by License or Owner Name.
Bug Fix - License renewals forms (in batch mode) were using the same values for gender, sterilized, dangerous, bites, etc.
Bug Fix - Trap forms would print form for all traps, not just the currently selected trap.
Renamed Trap report from 'Traps Issued Register' to 'Traps Checked Out Register'.

Bug fix on Lost and Wish views. Fields were not showing properly in some cases. 

Version 8.09

Initial release 06/14/2006

Features include:

Added code to optimize the traps table.

New - Added Fees Register-Summary report.

New - Added Fees Register-Detailed report.

Added 'Fee Dates' to License,Rabies,MicroChip,Registration.

Removed fees from:

Case Intake Register

Case Disposition Register

Case Statistics

Trap out register

Trap return register
NOTE: These fees are now consolidated into the new Fees Register. Use these new reports as they give a comprehensive list of all fees. 

Bug fix - PRINT was not working for Trap issue/return forms (PREVIEW was working)

Added button on Person History so that a Person's fee history can be printed. 

Version 8.08

Initial release 04/10/2006

Features include:

Medical reports added (Medications administered, Diagnostic Tests Performed, Medical Services Performed)

Animal Medical Forms added (Medical History-Complete, Medical History-this case only).

Trap usage tracking added (New Trap View, Trap File Cabinet, Trap Reports, Trap forms)

Person "Physical Address" added for persons whose physical address is different from their mailing address
Invalid Address indicators added to flag Addresses which result in returned mail or are otherwise known to be incorrect.

Edit added so that addresses with a missing street cannot be saved.

Case disposition - Customization switch added which causes Medical fees to be charged to ADOPTers. 

License Issue form can now be printed from the CASE PRINT form menu. 

Incident outcomes are now a dropdown box. This will allow users to create custom values for Incident outcomes. 

Former incident status "AWAITING ASSIGNMENT" is now called "UNASSIGNED".

Edit added to license save. Pet owner must have a complete address. 

License issue - added 'Cutoff date' for calendar year license option 1 which sets the month where new issues will become effective beginning 1/1 of next year (so late year issues are actually next year licenses). 

Bug Fix - Lost reports were causing a lockup when a license was entered. This has been corrected. 

Lost View - Button added to highlight when a case is an exact match on License, Vacc ID, Microchip, Registration, or Tattoo. 

License Renewals - added License Renewal forms (second notice, final notice, final notice-citation will be issued)
Bug Fix - selecting License File Cabinet/License Expiration date range was incorrectly including deceased animals, corrected. 

Added Manufacturer to medications view
Printing reports - standard Windows print dialog box will now allow users to choose which pages to print from a report. 

Rabies certificate can now be printed from the CASE PRINT form menu.

Fix to batch print of incident forms/memo repeating
Added Animal Medical History form. This can be printed from Animal Medical History and Case Print menu.
Added ability to print License Issue form from Case Forms menu.

On case disposition, if dispmeth contains "ADOPT", it will be considered an Adoption (allows values beyond just "ADOPTED").
On case disposition, if dispmeth contains "RTO-", it will be considered a Return to Owner (allows values beyond just "RETURN TO OWNER").

Added code to calc medical fees when an animal is adopted. Medical fee will also be included on Adoption Contract fee due. 

Corrected License Reports menu. It was always requiring that dates be entered, even for reports that are not date sensitive. 

Reworked group clauses for License Reports. All License reports will first group by Species, then other criteria.
Added new License Report titled - No License, Owner Known.

Added new License Report titled - No License, Owner Unknown.

Added "Sterilized/Not Sterilized" to all Gender fields on forms.
Added License and Rabies Issuer printing to License Issue, License Renewal, Rabies Issue forms.

Added Vet, Dangerous, Bites indicators to License Issue and License Renewal forms. 
Added sort options to Lost File Cabinet.

Added sort options to Wish File Cabinet.

Added BITECASE search to Case File Cabinet (see STATUS box on the screen).

Added Medication Register report

Version 8.07

Initial release 09/03/2005

Features include:

Shelter Pro now requires minimum screen resolution settings of 800 by 600 (previously the minimum was 640 by 480). This has led to extensive screen reorganization, as 800 by 600 allows us to get more data on a screen.

Added Medical record tracking to the Shelter module. This will allow for tracking of Diagnostics tests, Medications/Vaccinations administered, and services performed. Users can add their own Diagnostics, Meds, Services by modifying DROPDOWN VALUES. 

Support for non-graphics forms has been dropped (only graphics forms are supported now). If upgrading, and you are not sure if this will work for you, modify the graphics/non-graphics form setting to 'graphics' and test before upgrading. 

Additional Animal data is now tracked, including:

Registration ID, date, issuer 

Tattoo field

Dangerous indicator

Bites indicator

Fur pattern description

Coat description

Tail description

Additional Person data is now tracked, including:

A person database record can now be designated as a person or an agency/entity (like a business, vet clinic, etc). 

Vet Clinic indicator

Veterinarian indicator

Rabies Issuer indicator

License Issuer indicator

Registration Issuer indicator

New forms, including:

General release form for animal impounds. Ability to auto-print for 'citizen turn-in'. 

Rabies certificate form

'Expand' button added to notes/memo fields. 

Person database search is now a separate screen (like Animal database search). 

The appearance of the Person link has been reworked. 

New switch to turn off clearing of Kennel ID upon disposition.

Version 8.05

Initial release 11/20/2004

Features include:

Renamed Case Reconciliation to Case Statistics. 

Added logic to allow Case Statistics report to be created by groups (e.g., by species, by precinct, etc). 

Unlock added after opening files. This helps avoid a Novell bug in a multi-user environment.

Rabies field added to License Renewal Form.

Kennel Card is enhanced to show more case information.

Incident View - Related button - will not show related information screen when no related incidents are found.

Fixed 'apostrophe' city search on Incident File Cabinet.

Sterilized information added to Incident and Citation forms.

Added work phone search to Person Database.

Can now 'Issue Citation' from Incident View when the Incident is not yet closed.

Added 'print date' information to Incident and Citation forms.

On Person Database, expand length of middle name from 10 to 15 characters to avoid truncation. 

Version 8.04

Initial release 06/06/2004

Features include:

Fix to Incident View/Animal Database (link) button - error 1925 on animal photo.

Fixed phone number printing issues on Incident Report form.

Petname added to Incident Form and Citation form.

Can now search animal database by petname.

Petname shows in Animal database list.

Incident list now shows address, removed 'assigned time'.

Fixed printing duplicate page on Incident form
When printing incident form with linked citations, will prompt to also print citations

Version 8.01

Initial release 1/11/2004

Features include:

Microsoft Visual FoxPro Version 8.0

Animal Photos.

New installer (Installshield Express).

Version 7.00

Initial release 08/11/2003

This was the migration to Version 7 of Visual Foxpro. 

Version 4.00

Initial release 03/20/1998

Introduced the Traps module and migrated to Version 4 of Visual Foxpro

Version 3.11

Initial release 06/05/1997

Introduced the Donations module.  

Version 3.10

Initial release 11/01/1996

Introduced the Animal Control module.  

Version 3.00

Initial release 12/14/1995

This was the initial release of Shelter Pro which only included the Shelter Management module. 





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