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Upgrades and Shelter Pro

If your organization is currently licensed to use Shelter Pro, you are welcome to receive complementary upgrades to the most recent build available for your licensed version. 


For customers who are using the SQL Server option available with Shelter Pro, build and version upgrades are included with paid annual licensing. 


Build upgrades versus Version upgrades

Build upgrades - Newer builds of a version will typically include enhancements which are identified and implemented while not requiring a "Version" upgrade. To get build upgrades for free, you must be able to download the upgrade using an internet connection. Note that build upgrades are optional, but we recommend that our customers keep check build upgrade availability at least once per year and keep current with the most recent build available for their purchased version. 

Version upgrades - Version upgrades come about when significant enhancements are implemented which require a change in the database structure. They typically occur once per year. For non-SQL server customers -  the pricing will vary based upon the number of modules which have been purchased. Note that version upgrades are optional. When a newer version is available we recommend that the new features be evaluated for cost/benefit to reach a decision if the upgrade is worthwhile.  


If the Version/Build you currently are using is 9.12.0005, the version you have is 9.12, and the build is 0005. As 9.12 is improved, the enhancements are distributed as new builds, and would be known as 9.12.0006, 9.12.0007, 9.12.0008, etc. As these new builds are released you may get these upgrades without additional cost. 


At some future date, 9.13.0000 may be released. At this point there is a version upgrade (version 9.13). You may determine that the features in 9.13 are valuable to you and wish to upgrade. At that point, you will be able to upgrade upon payment of the Version Upgrade Pricing schedule. 


Determining your current Version/Build

To determine the current version and build you have installed, start Shelter Pro. On the main menu, select About  Shelter Pro / About this Product or Help/About Shelter Pro. Your current version will be shown on this screen. 


Upgrade Notifications

For our customers who purchase and maintain Technical Assistance, we provide an additional service of email notifications when a new upgrade becomes available. If you have current technical assistance, and would like to receive e-mail notification when a new release is posted, please contact via email. 


Contact info:

RoseRush Services, LLC

P.O. Box 2006

Buena Vista, CO 81211

Phone 800.533.8599

Email: Info@ShelterPro.com