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Reports, Forms, Mailing Labels

The Reports, Forms, and Mailing Labels included with Shelter Pro are very comprehensive. Most likely there are far more reports and forms than you will actually need. As you use Shelter Pro, you will become familiar with which forms and reports are actually used to support your organizations operations. 

A few other items to mention include:

  1. The reporting capabilities allow reports to be sorted and paged/grouped by various data elements (such as by Precinct, or by Animal Species, etc). This will enable you to quickly generate reports by various logical groupings, making the Shelter Pro report generator very effective while requiring very little effort on your part. 

  2. There are preview capabilities for all reports, forms, and labels. This will allow you to see what will print before actually printing. 

  3. There are 'batch printing' capabilities for all forms. These are useful for printing a large group of forms such as License Renewals, Vaccination Renewal Reminders, or Adoption Follow-up reminders for spay/neuter, license, vaccination. 

The lists below give you a broad overview of the various forms and reports available. 

Shelter Management module forms Shelter Management module reports

Owner Authorization/Release

Non-owner Release

Kennel Card (full page)

Kennel Card (half page)

Quarantine Authorization

Adoption Contract

Return to Owner (redemption)

Follow-up Reminder Notice

Spay/Neuter Certificate

Medical History

Prescription Form


Case (impound) Intake Registers

Disposition Registers


Bite Case Register

Current Case Register

Adoption Available List

Current Stray List

Evaluation Due Register

Current cases - Medical Treatments Due Register

Medication/Vaccination Administered Register

Diagnostic Test Register

Medical Service Register

Animal Control module forms Animal Control module reports

Incident Report

Incident Report (with photos)

Citation Issue








Incident Completed Register

Incident Count/Time Summary

Incident Count by Hour

Incidents Unassigned

Incidents Assigned and Awaiting Outcome

Citation Issued Register

Citation Paid Register

Citation Unpaid Register

Citation Offense Count Statistics

Animal Identification module forms Animal Identification module reports

License Certificate

License Renewal Notice

License Renewal Late Notice

License Non-compliance Notice

Rabies/Vaccination Certificate

Rabies/Vaccination Renewal Notice

Rabies/Vaccination Renewal Notice

Rabies/Vaccination Non-compliance Notice

License/Vaccination combo certificate

License/Vaccination combo Renewal Notice

License/Vaccination combo Renewal Late Notice

License/Vaccination combo Non-compliance Notice

Registration Issue

Registration Renewal Notice

Registration Renewal Late Notice

Microchip Issue

License Issued Register

License Expired Register

No License-Owner Known Register

No License-Owner Unknown Register

Vaccination Issued Register

Vaccination Expired Register

No Vaccinations-Owner Known Register

No Vaccinations-Owner Unknown Register

Registration Issued Register

No Registration-Owner Known Register

No Registration-Owner Unknown Register

Microchip Issued Register

No Microchip-Owner Known Register

No Microchip-Owner Unknown Register

Animal ID statistics

Donation Module forms Donation Module reports
Donation Confirmation
Donation Register
Trap Module forms Trap Module reports

Trap Check-out

Trap Return


Trap Checked-out Register

Trap Returned Register

Traps Outstanding Register

Accounting module forms Accounting module reports

Person - Account Statement

Person - Account Invoice

Person - Unpaid Charges Register

Person - Payment Receipt

Deposit Summary















Charges Register

Charges Summary

Chargeback Register

Chargeback Summary

Tax Charge Register

Tax Charge Summary

Unpaid Charges Register

Unpaid Charges Summary

Unpaid Chargeback Register

Unpaid Chargeback Summary

Unpaid Tax Charge Register

Unpaid Tax Charge Summary

Payment Register

Payment Summary

Activity/Payment Summary

Deposited Payment Register

Deposited Payment Summary

Non-deposited Payment Register

Non-deposited Payment Summary

Non-deposited Activity/Payment Summary














































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