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Non-SQL Server vs. SQL Server, what's the difference?

Shelter Pro is available under two options - 

    1) Without SQL Server - Shelter Pro provides it's own "database engine" or;

    2) With SQL Server - SQL Server provides the "database engine".  


Functionally, the software is identical under both options. The primary difference is the software operates more efficiently under heavier user loads using SQL Server as the database engine. 


Some general guidelines...

Generally speaking, smaller organizations with four or fewer users will find the 'without SQL Server' option will be more affordable and will deliver very high performance. This would typically include County and City Governments and Municipalities, smaller SPCAs, Humane Societies, and Animal Control divisions including small police departments with animal control enforcement needs.


Larger organizations should consider the SQL Server option. This would typically include County and City Governments and Municipalities, larger SPCAs, Humane Societies, Animal Control organizations including larger police departments with animal control enforcement needs. While the SQL Server option cost is higher, the productivity gains and other factors will typically outweigh the additional costs. 


Can you be more specific?

A primary consideration factor is the number of users who will be running Shelter Pro. As a general rule:

Four or fewer users - A customer who is running Shelter Pro with four or fewer users will experience great performance without SQL Server; 

Between five and ten users - It becomes a bit more murky as performance will often depend on data volumes, coupled with the quality and processing speed of your computers and network hardware;

Ten or more users - You should be considering the SQL Server option. The higher performance will typically outweigh the additional cost. 


A second consideration is IT Standards:

Many of our customers choose the SQL Server option as their infrastructure is able to provide the greatest level of support. SQL Server knowledge is common and widespread, providing IT staff more options for user support and maintenance, security restrictions, database backup/recovery, and general troubleshooting;

For most larger organizations, Shelter Pro is one of several applications running on their network. The SQL Server option will be less demanding on the network due to the technical nature of the software coupled with the SQL Server database engine:


A third consideration is Integration:

In situations where it may be desirable to integrate Shelter Pro with other systems, connecting and sharing data from within SQL Server will often be easier due to SQL Server being a 'standard' in the computing industry.


Summary of pricing differences

This tables summarizes the differences between the two options. 

Option 1

Shelter Pro without SQL Server 

Option 2

Shelter Pro with SQL Server 

MS SQL Server Required No Yes
Network/multi-user ready Yes Yes
Base pricing number of users 1 5
Can additional users be added Yes - see Order Form pricing Yes - see Order Form pricing
Annual software licensing fees Not required Required
Annual tech support included No, purchased separately Yes
"Build" upgrades includes Yes Yes
"Version" upgrades included No, purchased separately Yes
Full pricing schedules -> Shelter Pro Order Form Shelter Pro Order Form with SQL Server


Other questions...

Feel free to call or email us with other technical questions which may not be covered above.  


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Contact info:

RoseRush Services, LLC

P.O. Box 2006

Buena Vista, CO 81211

Phone 800.533.8599

Email: Info@ShelterPro.com