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Printing kennel cards is a popular feature in Shelter Pro. To supplement kennel cards, Shelter Pro can also print "Pet Detect" collars. The collars printed by Shelter Pro are similar to the sample here, but the information included will include basic identifiers typically associated with Shelter Pro, such as Case IDs and Kennel assignments, plus pet name and other pet profile information. 



These collars have been widely used in the pet boarding industry for many years as a primary form of animal identification for guests. Additionally the labels have been used as 'tags' for the personal property items for the pet. 

Pet Detect labels are produced by a special printer. The device is relatively small in size, it's about one-half the size of a shoe box. The printer requires special label media to produce the collars. The media comes in rolls that are loaded into the printer (similar to how you would load paper into a typical computer printer). 

The media comes in 1-inch widths, and 1-inch width with a 1/2-inch (length-wise) perforation. The perforated media is recommended as it works well for organizations which handle both cats and dogs. When using the perforated media for a cat or small dog, you would print the collar and then split the collar length-wise so the collar is 1/2-inch wide. For a medium size or larger dog, you would not split the collar and the pet would be wearing a 1-inch collar. 

For more information, you can visit the www.PetDetect.com



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