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Shelter Pro consists of distinct modules. Each module can be used independently or together. The highest degree of value comes when all the modules are utilized to form an integrated animal control / shelter management system. Multiple modules can be purchased initially, and additional modules can be added over time. The system is very comprehensive and is designed so that you will "grow into it" rather than "grow out of it". 


The Shelter Module

Case tracking—Intake, Processing, and Disposition.

Lost Animal Report Monitoring—Watches for matches automatically.

Wish List Request Monitoring—Watches for matches automatically.
Medical—Track Diagnostics, Medications, Vaccinations, Prescriptions, Procedures, Services.

Bite Cases

Forms—Kennel Cards, Owner Release, Adoption, and many more.
Reports—Intake/Disposition registers, Current animals, Stats, and more. Flexible grouping/sorting.
Website uploads-Automatic uploads to Petfinder and Adopt-A-Pet.



The Animal Control Module

Incident tracking—Origination, Assignment and Final Outcome. Cruelty investigations.

Citations—Issuance and Fines. 

Bite Cases

Forms—Incident report, Citation report, etc. 

Reports—Incident/Citation registers, Unpaid fines, Stats, and more. Flexible grouping/sorting.


The Animal Identification Module


Forms—Issue certificates, Renewal due notices, Renewal reminders.
Reports—Issued registers, Expired registers, non-compliance and more. Flexible grouping/sorting.


The Donations Module

Donation tracking—Including confirmation/thank you forms.

Fund Raising—Donor/Member lists for targeted fund raising.

Forms—Print year-end tax confirmations.

Reports—Donation history and listings. Flexible grouping/sorting.


The Traps Module

Traps tracking—Rental / Deposit, Returns, etc. 

Forms—Trap loan/rental agreement, Return confirmation, etc.

Reports—Traps used, returned, outstanding. Flexible grouping/sorting.


The Accounting Module

Charges—Automatically post charge schedules for various events.

Payments—Track payments received.
Deposits—Track deposits, know what should be deposited and what was actually deposited.
Forms—Payment receipts, Invoices, Account Statements, etc. 
Reports—Charge, Payment, Unpaid charges, Deposit Registers, and more.



The Modules are Integrated

While each module can be used independently, they can also be used together to form a seamless/integrated solution for complete animal control management. For example, any incident entered into the Animal Control Module can quickly become a Shelter Module intake. All pertinent information gathered by the Animal Control Module is immediately transferred to a Shelter "case" simply by clicking the Intake button at the outcome of the incident. This would include the animal description, incident ID, ACO information, etc. Additionally, for any animal which has an associated incident within the Shelter Module, the detailed information of the incident can be quickly accessed by clicking the Incident button.


The Person and Animal Databases

Supporting the Animal Control and Shelter Modules are the Person Database and the Animal Database. As people and animals interact with the facility, information about them should be entered into Shelter Pro. As time goes by, the amount of information stored on the database will increase, and will be available by retrieving person and animal records.

The Person Database retains information about people. Examples of information found on the Person Database include name address and telephone numbers. Information about any person on the database can be retrieved using the name and/or telephone number of the individual. Additionally, there are indicators to mark any person as a staff member, animal control officer, veterinarian/lab technician (for euthanization purposes), donor, volunteer and\or as an entry on the mailing list.

The Animal Database retains information about animals such as species, breed, gender, current owner, and much more. Information about any animal on the database can be retrieved using the owner name, pet name, license, vaccination, microchip, registration, and many more options.


Shelter Pro retains history for each animal and person. For any animal, you will be able to view all shelter cases, incidents, citations, medical, license, vaccination, microchip, or registration events for the animal. For any person, you will be able to view all animals owned, shelter cases, incidents, citations, lost reports, wish list requests, donations, trap rentals, and charge and payment history.


Customizing (configuring) Shelter Pro

Shelter Pro is easily configured using the built-in screens. This process will make Shelter Pro appear as though it was custom written for your organization. Thorough instructions for customizing are found in the Shelter Pro Administration Guide document.


Shelter Pro is easy to use, and easy to train new staff

Shelter Pro is built for EASE OF USE. Using a graphical user interface (Windows!), it’s mostly "point and click", which minimizes typing. You'll be amazed at how easy it is to use! The system includes the Shelter Pro User's Guide document which gives direction on how to use each of the modules.


Shelter Pro can run on your network

Shelter Pro can run on your network, which will enable multiple users to access and use the same Shelter Pro database. Shelter Pro will run under common LAN/File server configurations as well as peer-to-peer networks. 


Additionally, Shelter Pro can be run under Remote Desktop/Terminal Services, Citrix, and 'thin-client' configurations. It can also be run remotely using common services such as WebEx.  


Hardware/OS Requirements

Operating System options

Windows 8

Windows 7

Windows VISTA

Windows XP

Windows 2000 with Service Pack 3



Contact info:

RoseRush Services, LLC

P.O. Box 2006

Buena Vista, CO 81211

Phone 800.533.8599

Email: Info@ShelterPro.com