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Data conversions from other systems


The process - can Shelter Pro Software migrate/convert my data?

The answer in almost all cases is "yes". We have performed data conversions from just about every major system on the market today. Chances are near 100% that we can convert your data. 


The process of a conversion is tailored to each new Shelter Pro customer and their specific objectives. The single most critical factor in any conversion is access to the data. For most non-web based systems, data access is not an issue. If you are using a web-based provider today, the fate of your data access is controlled by that provider's willingness to help you.

How much and how long?

Once we receive a data sample, we will give you a cost quote and estimate of timing. Then you make the decision to proceed. 


In most circumstances, the process will involve writing a custom program to convert the data into a Shelter Pro database. Typically, there will be at least one sample returned to you for review, testing, and further refinement (if needed). Our cost quote will identify the number of included testing samples. Typical conversions can take from one to three months. 


Cost can vary widely, and will depend on the complexity of the data structure, volume, and data 'cleanliness' (to some degree). 

Data cleanliness

Many times customers are converting to Shelter Pro because they've had a less than great experience with a legacy system. Translation - many times the data is not as 'clean' as it could be, and the result is system dissatisfaction. So one big question is "can it be cleaned up?". Our conversion process will clean some of the data to the extent that is reasonable and possible. 


We can convert your Petwhere data to Shelter Pro. Because these are very standardized, cost is minimal. 

Other questions?

Contact us with questions.




Contact info:

RoseRush Services, LLC

P.O. Box 2006

Buena Vista, CO 81211

Phone 800.533.8599

Email: Info@ShelterPro.com