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Shelter Pro's Branded License tag partners 


Are you issuing license or registration tags. And does your tag provider offer services beyond 'just the collar tag'? 


Shelter Pro's Branded License tag service offers an efficient way for your organization to electronically register owner/pet information with a tag provider using your Shelter Pro Software. This is similar to Shelter Pro's Microchip partners program, but with a focus on visible/external pet identification. 


This eliminates the need for the following:

You will no longer need to spend time registering each tag with the provider via website, faxing a completed form, mail, etc. The registration will be handled through your Shelter Pro Software;

Asking/expecting pet owners to register a tag after it is purchased. Their information is already in Shelter Pro, so Shelter Pro can pass this information to the tag provider!


Participating providers


The participating providers are:


others coming soon

Click here to visit their website



Contact info:

RoseRush Services, LLC

P.O. Box 2006

Buena Vista, CO 81211

Phone 800.533.8599

Email: Info@ShelterPro.com