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If you're looking for a solution for...

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Animal Shelter records

Animal Control records

Licensing compliance

Vaccination compliance

Microchip records

Medical records

Citations and fines

Donations and tax receipts

Traps and returns

Animal ownership

Person history

Animal history

Lost Animal Report monitoring

Wish List Request monitoring


Document/Image storage



Touch screen kiosk access

Website integration

Remote/Field Access

Professional looking forms

Extensive reporting


Quick access to information

Mailing labels


Payment tracking and receipts


Bank Deposit tracking

Asilomar reporting


State-of-the-art look and feel

Productive employees

and more...

Affordable price

Ease of use

Proven track record

Established history

Ability to convert your data

Training options

Committed support

Committed future



...You've come to the right place. You need Shelter Pro!

Shelter Pro Software is designed for Animal Control and Animal Shelter records management. It is used by Animal Shelters, Animal Control and Law Enforcement, Humane Societies, SPCAs, and private Kennels. Great software for a great price. Try the free demo and call with any questions. We believe you will agree that Shelter Pro is the right software package for your organization.


Shelter Pro partners with HP, Microsoft, Intel, and HTS


Shelter Pro Software was recently selected to participate in an Extreme IT Makeover for the Joplin Humane Society. 

Click here to read about this partnership. If the link does not work, click here to read a copy of the article. 

And here is the blog with video.



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We invite you to contact us to discuss how our software can meet your organization's needs. 





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